Alden Investment Group & Steward Alts

A Customer Case Study


Alden Investment Group, known for its broad investment offerings, faced challenges in managing alternative investments and catering to the specific needs of its institutional clients. The group needed an efficient, scalable, and customizable alternative investment platform to streamline their operations and continue thriving in a competitive market.


Achieving seamless operations and integration across various investment channels, retaining existing advisors, and attracting new ones were key issues faced by Alden Investment Group. Simultaneously, they needed to establish a streamlined distribution system for their proprietary private fund offerings.

The Solution: Steward Alts

Alden Investment Group partnered with Steward Alts, an intuitive and customizable platform that integrated their alternative investment operations and offered innovative solutions that enabled the group to overcome its challenges.

"Steward Alts provides Alden Investment Group with an intuitive, customizable platform for our alternative investments, streamlining operations and letting us focus on our clients. Highly recommended." — Aaron Williams, Managing Director

With the support of Steward Alts, managing the group's investments and operations became more efficient.

"Since integrating Steward Alts, managing our investments has become seamless and efficient. Their integrated solutions and support are unparalleled." — Lee Calfo, Managing Partner

In partnering with Steward Alts, Alden found a scalable solution to address both present and future challenges.

"With Steward Alts, Alden found not just a tool but a partner. Their platform’s scalability and features ensure we're prepared for future challenges." — Greg Hansell, CEO, Private Client Group

Achieving Success

The partnership with Steward Alts allowed Alden Investment Group to expand its investment offerings and attract new advisors to their platform, which was crucial for their growth.

Custom Solutions
Alden Investment Group was able to create custom investment solutions to meet the needs of their institutional clients, thanks to the integrated solutions provided by Steward Alts.

Efficient Distribution
Steward Alts helped streamline the distribution of Alden's proprietary private fund offerings, making the firm more efficient and appealing to clients.

Empowering Advisors
Steward Alts provided training sessions for advisors, making them proficient in handling new investment offerings and attracting potential clients.


The collaboration with Steward Alts enabled Alden Investment Group to transform its operations, offering a more efficient, adaptable system for their alternative investments. The partnership fostered growth, service quality, and improved investment performance for the firm. As Registered Investment Advisors, this collaboration empowered Alden Investment Group to compete effectively in the market and achieve success.