Customer Case Study:

CAP Private Credit Fund

CAP Private Credit Fund joined forces with Steward Alts to help distribute their new private credit fund to Registered Investment Advisers. They sought an efficient process, quality onboarding experiences, and sustainable growth in a competitive market.

How Steward Alts Helped

Steward Alts stepped in to provide comprehensive assistance in developing compelling marketing materials, crafting an effective distribution strategy, and improving operational workflows.

This multidimensional support system gave CAP Private Credit Fund the edge they needed to attract new advisors and ensure seamless and efficient onboarding experiences.

The Outcome

The strategies employed by Steward Alts demonstrated significant success. Within just 60 days post-launch, CAP Private Credit Fund had gathered an impressive $3 million in new assets.

Furthermore, the fund established itself as the core private credit offering on several firms' alternative investment platforms, massively increasing their distribution and visibility in a competitive market.

The partnership with Steward Alts also streamlined the onboarding and collaboration with new RIA firms, making it more efficient for all parties.