Columbia Advisory Partners
and Steward Alts:

Building a Custom Alternative Investment Platform

Growing firm assets with a simplified custom alternative investment platform.

The Challenge

Increased demand for alternative investments and the need to attract new assets to the firm made Columbia Advisory Partners seek a competent platform. Tyson Blake, Financial Advisor, mentioned that, "Clients have been asking for more alternative investments," and it was time for the firm to deliver.

The Solution

Steward Alts met this challenge head on. They worked hand in hand with Columbia Advisory Partners to create a lineup of alternative investments tailored to their clients' needs. Much to the appreciation of the team, "Steward Alts integrated seamlessly with our existing operations, our operations team was up and running in days with our new platform," said Kim Smith, Chief Compliance Officer.

To ensure the firm could effectively utilize the new offerings, Steward Alts developed clear and compelling marketing materials and conducted comprehensive training sessions for the advisors.

Impact and Results

The hard work quickly paid off. Columbia Advisory Partners added 5 million of assets that were new to the firm in the first 30 days. Even their clients couldn’t help but share this excitement – over 50 of them attended a webinar that showcased the investment options from the Steward Alts Platform.

Capitalizing on the new offerings, Matt Foust, CPA observed, "The best part has been attracting new dollars to my practice, my high net-worth clients are telling their friends about our new investment options."

The newly integrated platform helped Columbia Advisory Partners:

  1. Customizable appearance
  2. Improve investment performance.
  3. Seamlessly merge the new platform with their existing operations.

It’s clear that Steward Alts' commitment to creating a simplified, efficient, and custom alternative investment platform played a pivotal role in the remarkable growth experienced by Columbia Advisory Partners.