Your Digital Asset Management

Steward Alts bridges the gap between traditional finance and the digital world, offering RIAs the opportunity to broaden their portfolio services while arming their clients with a proactive approach towards the evolving financial domain.

Why Digital Assets

In an ever-evolving financial sector, adaptability is key. Recognizing digital assets as a distinct asset class provides diversification, meets growing client demand, future-proofs businesses, and offers access to avant-garde financial solutions.

  • Diversification & Potential Returns: Digital assets have often shown little correlation with traditional asset types, offering fresh pathways for diversification and improved risk-adjusted returns.
  • Client Demands & Financial Goals: As the mainstream appeal of digital assets grows, so does client interest.
    Being able to offer advice and management in this area can help to meet their emerging needs.
  • Future-proofing Business: Stay ahead of the industry trends and appeal to the younger, digitally-inclined generations for sustainable growth.
  • Innovative Financial Solutions: Explore decentralized finance (DeFi) opportunities, like lending, staking and yield farming, providing cutting-edge strategies not usually available in traditional finance.
  • Education & Risk Management: With the digital assets industry often fraught with misinformation and volatility, providing expert guidance can help clients to approach with understanding and a strong risk management strategy.

Platform Features

Explore the power of Steward Alts platform that combines advanced digital asset management capabilities with user-friendly accessibility

  • Broad Asset Access: Enjoy access to Coinbase Institutional, offering over 200+ digital assets available to trade.
  • Portfolio Building & Rebalancing: Build and fine-tune digital assets portfolio with our advanced capabilities.
  • Integration: Integrate digital assets into your existing billing and reporting systems without complications.
  • SMA Managers: Benefit from our network of dedicated digital asset SMA managers.
  • No Extra Fees: Deploy Advisor-Managed accounts without additional basis point fees